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What every christian should know about rock music


Rock permeates society, and we have grown accustomed to it, even though the music and the culture it has helped create have grown ever more wicked. Today our warning about rock is just as fervent as it was 40 years ago, though the content is updated for a new generation.


The power of rock to produce rebels and to build the one-world church has not lessened. Homes and churches that don’t give clear and persistent warnings about rock music in all of its forms should not be surprised if their young people are worldly and tend toward New Evangelical and emerging church thinking.


This book lays out nine things that every Christian should know about rock music.


1. It represents a moral revolution.

2. It preaches a philosophy of narcissism and licentiousness.

3. It is permeated with blasphemy.

4. It is the music of false christs.

5. It is condemned by the Bible.

6. It is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

7. It is at the heart of the one-world church.

8. It is addictive.

9. The only sure protection is to avoid it.

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